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About is an innovative project from Happy Blue Fish, an independent mobile gaming studio and one of the first "mobile game pure player".

Happy Blue Fish was created in 2009 by Dominique Busso, former Mindscape CDO. The studio has released more than 30 educational and casual games, under its own name and for major brands.

Like most game studios, Happy Blue Fish has been struggling to optimize game tuning.  Dominique soon realized that the large diversity of player profiles was the key issue - and the key solution towards improving game KPIs.


The concept of BLU (Behavior Learning Unit) was born.

In 2017, Happy Blue Fish decided to invest in this new vision and to develop a solution aimed at all gaming studios,  publishers and producers.

2019 has been a full pivot for Happy Blue Fish: 100% of its resources are allocated to

Happy Blue Fish is a member of the AWS Activate support program for startups from Amazon, and part of the Amazon Game tech ecosystem.

Happy Blue Fish is supported by the French Innovation Agency BPI France.

We are hiring ! Head of Growth

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