As a mobile game studio,
you know that a game financial success
depends on the tuning of many parameters:
difficulty of the stages, ad pressure,
value of rewards, etc.

Too difficult? A frustrated player will churn
Too easy? A bored player will churn
Too many ads? An annoyed player will churn
Not enough ads? You leave money on the table

Game tuning is a long and tedious process:
analytic tools are complex to setup and use,
they let you tune almost blindfolded!

How can you be sure that the difficulty of each stage
is optimum for your overall audience ?
How can you be sure that you display the optimum number of ads
without annoying your players?

And even with a good tuning,
key metrics hit a ceiling:
mobile players are all different,
one size does not fit all!

You lose players that could stay in your game
if the difficulty was easier or harder at the right time for them.
Same for ads, some players are ok with a high frequency,
others can be annoyed by too many ads.



Plug&Play Real-Time Player Personalization
to increase Players' Experience in mobile games

Available with one simple SDK,
a full SaaS Machine Learning platform
for mobile games, ready to be used
by games designers and data analysts

Easy to setup SDK,
with NO IDFA.

Our  SDK is light and contains just a few lines of code to integrate (iOS, Android and Unity). We use anonymous data, is fully RGDP compliant. We don't track players across games, so we do not use the Apple IDFA.

Optimized for one goal: increase
player retention (and revenue)

you don't have to guess which user data to sent and which question to ask,  is entirely designed to improve your player retention, from user features to Machine Learning algorithms and rewards.

"Plug&play" solution,
no web portal tedious setup.

The SDK contains exactly the few events and requests needed for to work. You do not need to figure out you own requests, to guess which event sand data might be useful...  And there is nothing to setup on the Web portal.

Compare the results
with and without

In the web portal, you get for each game all the important metrics and funnels. These dashboards display values for players going through, and for "reference" players without askblu. This way you know exactly what our solution will bring to your games.

Works with real players,
and your players only. starts working during soft-launch and live game because it learns from your own real players' behaviours in your game. Each game has its own ML model and the personalization is made in real-time for immediate effect in-game

Benefit from Machine Learning
with no upfront investment!

Full SaaS solution with no upfront investment and setup fees, no specialist to hire, no infrastructure to buy and maintain. We will give you credits to test, and our team will help your game designer & level designer setup the right difficulty parameters.

Proud to be among the 6 finalists for the Best Innovation Award for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2020 in January 2020, London. - Every Player Counts

Our mission is to allow every mobile game publisher and studio to easily benefit from Machine Learning & Data Science today with no upfront investment.

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