Your own Data Analysis & Real-Time Personalization


Your own Real-Time Personalization solution

We develop (and host if you want) specific algorithms tailored to your own games and needs.



Benefit from data-analysis and in-game personalization without the technical hassle

Setting up a data-analysis and real-time player personalization solution is very costly. You need to collect the right data in your game, process it in real-time, develop the right Machine Learning algorithms, display metrics to see the improvements and then deploy the solution on a scalable platform.

We already have all it takes to develop (and host if you want) your own MLOps solution.

Step 1 - We talk with your team, to understand what you want to personalize in your game. We check the feasibility and get back to you with a proposal (planning, milestones, financial conditions).

Step 2 - Based on our live SDK, we add what is needed (specific events + your specific requests) to generate a specific SDK you can integrate in your game and update either during soft launch or live game. Simultaneously, we work on your Machine Learning algorithm.

Step 3 - When a first version is ready, we put it in production, specifically linked to your game.  While we receive players data on the platform, we set the percentage of them going through personalization in order to test, tune and improve your algorithm using the web portal to display the metrics with and without personalization.  During this step, we can work with your team (game designer, economy designer, data scientist...).

Step 4 - When you are happy with the results of the personalization, we increase the percentage of your players going through personalization, so you can finalize your tests and sign off the proposal.

Step 5 - To enjoy your real-time personalization algorithm in your live game, you have 2 solutions:
- keep it hosted on a serverless scalable SaaS platform based on AWS technology at the regular usage cost (see "pricing" page)
- take your specific SDK and the Machine Learning algorithm we developed for you and integrate them in your own MLOps platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote!