As a mobile game studio,
you know that your financial success
depends on player retention (CPI<LTV),

( whatever monetization model you use;
ads, InAppPurchases and Subscriptions.


Player retention,
depends heavily on difficulty tuning,
which is complicated and tedious:
analytic tools are complex to setup and use,
and they let tune blindfolded!

Too difficult ? A frustrated player will churn
Too easy ? A bored player will churn

And once you reach a good balance,
retention hits a ceiling:
mobile players are very diverse,
one size does not fit all!

You lose players that could stay in your game
if the difficulty was sometimes easier or harder for them.



Plug&Play Real-Time Machine Learning
to increase Player Retention in mobile games

askblu phase 1 for mobile game studios

Data-Driven Difficulty Analysis
Simplify and Optimize your Difficulty Balancing

For each stage in your game,
askblu.ai helps you find the optimum difficulty
for your overall audience of players

Real-Time Player Personalization
Break the Retention Ceiling - Increase your Revenue

For each player starting a stage,
askblu.ai tells your game in real time
if you need to set the difficulty easier or harder
to keep the player in his/her flow zone.