A strong, efficient and scalable technology

The power of Data Science
right at your fingertip, easy to use,
with no upfront investment!


Predictive Analysis
based on the FLOW theory

Players stay in your game when they are in their "comfort zone"  (flow state).
Players leave your game if they feel frustration (too difficult) or boredom (too easy).

For each player starting a stage, askblu.ai performs a predictive analysis in real-time to alleviate the churn risk due to the lack of comfort, frustration or Boredom. If needed, your game can fine-tune the difficulty just before the player starts the stage.

Easy to setup SDK
No personal player data and NO IDFA


The askblu.ai SDK is very simple to integrate in your game: less than 10 lines of code are required to unlock all the askblu.ai features with no additional web-side setup! We use anonymous data: askblu.ai is fully RGDP compliant and does not use the Apple IDFA.

Each game has its own
Machine-Learning model

For each game, the players events are transformed in variables of interest used to train and deploy a Neural-Network based machine-Learning model.

askblu.ai is updating every day one Machine Learning model for each game, because is game is unique in how players play and the diversity of players.

Reliable and scalable
SaaS Platform

askblu.ai is a SaaS solution fully based on AWS technology (Amazon) so it's fast, reliable and scalable to fit your own burst of sessions.