Pricing based on usage

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we want to give more time to studios and publishers to test, so we added 3 months to our BETA period.
We  are in PAID BETA until October 2nd, 2020:  50% OFF the regular pricing

We want you to test at NO COST: contact us to check if you can benefit from our VIP BETA program and get up to 30 K€ of Usage Credit during the Paid Beta phase.

Per game

Basic Metrics

Daily New Players, DAU/WAU/MAU
Daily sessions,

D1/D3/D7/D15/D30 retention rates

(with and without askblu)

Sessions Funnel,

Stages Funnel,

Stages results


Difficulty Analysis

(With Difficulty Dashboard)

Real-Time Player Personalization

(with Player Daskboard)


& Monitor


Tune your Difficulty


per month

Activate in the Dashboard

Increase retention


per 1000 P_DAU ¹

Activate in the Dashboard

You control your budget: you decide the percentage of your players going through real-Time Player Personalization (Blu Players)
You only pay for the players being personalized: the monthly charge will be based on the P_DAU (Personalized DAU = Blu Players actually being personalized, ie after the exploration & learning process).