Pricing based on daily active usage is currently in EARLY ACCESS, until June 30st, 2021.
We are on-boarding studios & publishers interested in TESTING our platform AT NO COST.
You will get a 50% rebate off the pricing for the first 6 months after this early access.
Contact us or to apply for our Early Access Program.

Do you know that just +2% Day7 retention can bring more than 30% more revenue ?
Read more in this article.

Per game

Basic Metrics

Daily New Players, DAU/WAU/MAU
Daily sessions,

retention rates


(classic / Rolling)


Use rate, per user, per session, per day, Blu revenues

Sessions Length, span, per day, Funnel,

Stages Funnel,

and Win Rates


Difficulty Analysis

(With Difficulty Dashboard)

Real-Time Player Personalization

(Difficulty or Ad Pressure)

Find  issues


Tune your Difficulty


per month

Activate in the Dashboard

Increase LTV


per 1000 P_DAU ¹

Activate in the Dashboard

Computed daily, billed monthly
(example:  200K P_DAU per day = cost of 6K€ per month)
You control your budget: you decide the percentage of your players going through Real-Time Player Personalization (Blu Players).
You only pay for the players being personalized: the monthly charge will be based on the P_DAU (Personalized DAU = Blu Players actually being personalized, i.e. after the exploration & learning process).