Second round of seed funding for to fuel the BETA tests.


Happy Blue Fish announces a new round of funding for,
its AI-SaaS solution fo improve player retention in mobile games.

Rennes (France), July 18, 2019 -, the AI-SaaS solution to improve player retention in mobile games, starts its BETA stage with a new 400K€ funding, closed in June 2019 by AGORA.  Launched in 2017 by mobile game studio Happy Blue Fish, received a first round of 450K€ of seed funding in 2017 and 2018, to fund the first R&D efforts and the deploiement fo the first BETA version of the solution.

Every Player Counts®

The worldwide mobile game market is increasing fast ($100Md in 2021 which represents 60% of the worldwide videogame market). In this market, players are very diverse and costly to acquire, and having a good player retention is key to game monetization. The platform is an efficient (AI-based), accessible (SaaS) and scalable (AWS) solution for all mobile game studios and publishers to simplify and optimize their game tuning, and break the retention ceiling with real-time player personalization.  works for soft-launches/updates and for live games

First (during soft-launch and updates), simplifies and optimizes the difficulty tuning of each stage in a game, based on the overall player audience. Difficulty tuning is key to good retention, but it’s time consuming and tedious for mobile game studios, especially in the Casual and Hyper-Casual segments (high growth mobile gaming segment).

Second (while the game is live), provides real-time difficulty personalization so that more players will stay longer in the games, breaking the retention ceiling.

First studios testing the BETA version of

Backed by new investors as well as existing ones, and by French Innovation Agency BPI France, is starting its “product-market fit” stage, allowing mobile game studios to register and test the platform for free. The goal is to start monetisation of the platform at the end of 2019. Happy Blue Fish is hiring a new data engineer, and just took onboard a new business developer.

The plateform is an ambitious venture on a large international market. The startup is already talking to several VCs interested in funding the sales development phase of

“ We are an agile team of 5 people with high competencies. Our goal is to reach 22M€ revenues in 2023 with 80 people, on a market bit enought to support a strong scalability. In the long term, will be used in videogames on all supports, including streaming platforms, in the eductional market, and in the App market (other then games), where the need to better user retention is crucial for success.” Indicated Dominique Busso.

Advisors:             Fund raising: AGORA / Franck BOULLAND
Legal: CMM Avocats / Michel MARSEILLAN.

Investors (June 2019 round) : OUEST ACQUISITIONS (Jean-François Bertin), Hervé CONGARD, FINANCIERE PY (Pierre-Yves LE BOT), YOLE (Yohann LETUÉ), LA SYRAH (Michel CORRE), Vincent BRIENT, AGORA (Franck BOULLAND).

Contacts :
Dominique BUSSO
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