entering Beta stage – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,  the “plug&play” AI-SaaS Game Balancing solution to improve Player Retention in Mobile Games, enters Beta stage.

Paris, May 19th, 2019. Happy Blue Fish announces that, its new AI-SaaS solution to improve Player Retention in Mobile Games, enters beta. Starting today, mobile game studios can sign up to test the platform and use it in their games for free.

Stay in the flow

In 2021, mobile gaming is expected to reach 60% of the 180B$ video game market. In this huge and growing market, player retention is key to monetization for mobile games. Player Retention depends heavily on the game’s difficulty balancing: players will churn if the stages become too difficult (frustrated) or too easy (bored).

Game balancing is complicated and tedious

Many game studios consider the game’s difficulty balancing as a harsh and tedious task, be-it during the critical Soft-Launch phase or subsequent updates:

  • Very often they lack the expertise, staff and time to work on their game's data.
  • Analytic tools are difficult to set up when more than basic retention metrics are needed, which is important for most games, and vital for casual and hypercasual games.
  • Tuning the difficulty level of each stage is tedious (one needs to detect anomalies, then modify and update the game, wait and monitor the new data, and potentially repeat the entire process).

When a game is well-balanced, retention hits a ceiling

Once a game is optimally balanced for the overall players, retention is still capped as mobile player profiles are very diverse. A unique stage difficulty is not suitable for all and mobile game studios lose players. :  Plug&Play AIaaS solution to improve player retention is the one-stop shop AIaaS solution for mobile game studios that tackles all these problems with one simple SDK and no other setup:

  • See what’s happening in your game: displays the key metrics, the stages and session funnels, as well as the on-boarding ratio.
  • Simplify and optimize your game balancing: shows you which stages are too easy or too difficult for your overall players and corrects them in real-time until you update your game.
  • Break the retention ceiling: when your game is live, adapts each stage difficulty to each player in real-time. No other platform is doing that today !

Benefit from AI with no investment

Based on the “Cognitive Flow” Model and using Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis, will allow many mobile game studios to benefit from AI with no upfront investment. Ease of use has been a requirement from day one: a very simple SDK to integrate and a very intuitive web portal for the studios with no setup.

Reliable and scalable solution

“We started building in 2017 with 2 main goals for mobile game studios:  simplify their game tuning and break the retention ceiling. We are combining all the latest AI and Cloud technologies to reach that goal and deliver it to as many studios as possible.” explains Dominique Busso, founder and CEO of Happy Blue Fish. is entirely build on AWS, providing a reliable and scalable SaaS solution to studios all over the world.

About Happy Blue Fish.

Happy Blue Fish started as a mobile game studio in 2009, right at the beginning of the digital transformation of the mobile game market. As a pure-player of the mobile game market, Happy Blue Fish developed games on iOS and Android for leading licence-owners (France television, Albert René, Hachette, TeleImage, Studio Hari, Minuscule, Fingerprint (CA), etc).  In 2017, Happy Blue Fish started a pivot and raised 450K€ to start the development of the platform. The company is currently looking for an second 450K€ seed-round of funding to launch the platform on Q4, 2019.

Contacts :

Dominique BUSSO, Found & CEO (+33 6 80 21 76 18 / )

Franck BOULLAND, Funding Advisor (+33 6 63 27 44 16 / /