Metrics and Funnels

Blu/Ref Metrics and Funnels

See what's happening with and without

Compare the results with and without

All metrics and funnels show the data for Blu_Players (players going through and for Ref_Players (players without tuning). This allows you to have a precise measure of how improves your player retention (when player personalization is active).

For each game you can set the Blu_Players ratio, in order to control the population that benefits from, and to control how much the use of will cost (when player personalization is active).

Sessions funnel

This is a more accurate measurement to see how much a player uses your game. A player doing 20 sessions in 2 days will not show up in the Day3 Retention rate, but will have played much more than a player doing 1 session per day for 3 days that will show up.

Stages funnel

This can give you a quick oversight of stages that may have problems (but the Data Analysis feature of will be more precise and tell you what to do).

Stages Results

This panel shows you, for each stage:
- the percentage of players who won / lost / quit the stage
- how they won/lost (from close to large).

Players & sessions

These are the standard metrics:
- New players per day,
- Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users, and P_DAU (personalized DAU)
- Number of sessions per day

Rolling Retention

Here you can see your Day1, Day3, Day7, Day15 and Day30 retention rates.