KPIs, Metrics and Funnels, all setup to help you balance your game

KPIs,  Metrics and Funnels

Get all the important information without any portal setup
Get warnings on possible issues at the stage level

Understand what players are doing in your game

Just by integrating our SDK, all the metrics and funnels described below are available for you, without having to think of creating new events, or setting up any specific report on the web portal.

We are adding value to these reports: using the data to pinpoint possible issues. For instance, in the Stages Funnel  (percentage of players having started Stage X), we highlight stages that reduce players more that what seems to be the usual reduction between stages.

Players & sessions (per day)

These are the standard metrics:
- New players per day
- Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users.
- Number of sessions per day

On-boarding quality

This is an important ratio: the percentage of players having started at least one stage, from all the players that started your game. In this example, 14% of the players that started the game did not play one stage.

Classic Retention

Average value of the classic retention rates in the time period selected.

Sessions length, span and frequency per day

It is very important to understand the diversity of the sessions played by your players:  the different sessions lengths,  the different inter-sessions spans and  the different numbers of sessions played per day per player.

Sessions funnels

This is a more accurate measurement to see how much players play your game.  With classic retention rate, a player doing 4 sessions on day one, with several stages played per session, is counted as 1 in day1 retention, same as  a player doing only one session with 1 stage played.

Stages funnels

This funnel gives you a quick oversight of stages that may have problems (the Data Analysis feature of will be more precise and tell you what to do).

Stages Win Rates

For each stage, this panel show you what players are doing:
- the percentage of players who won / lost / quit the stage
- how they won/lost (from close to large)

Monetization data

This dashboard allows you to check all your monetization.
For instance, the Interstitial Ads Use Rate is the percentage of active players being served at least one interstitial ad on a specific day.
If you are using several monetization sources (ads, In App Purchase), you car compare the revenues coming from these sources, using our own "Blu Revenues" (we don't know the exact values, but the relative values).

Classic Retention (details)

Day1, Day3, Day7, Day15 and Day30 classic retention rates for the selected time period. (for instance, Day7 here includes only players that played on Day7)

Rolling Retention

Day1, Day3, Day7, Day15 and Day30 rolling retention rates for the selected time period. (for instance Day7 includes players that played on Day7 or after)