Metrics and Funnels, see what personalization brings to your game

Blu vs Ref players - Metrics and Funnels

All dashboards display information for "personalized" players
and a "reference" players without personalization.

Compare the results with and without personalization

We always keep some "reference" players with no personalization (the personalization requests always answer your "default" tuning), so all our metrics and analytics dashboards display their data for "Blu" players (with personalization)  and "Ref" players (no personalization).

Therefore, you can see what the real-time personalization brings to your game: longer sessions? smaller inter-session spans? more sessions per player per day? better retention rates? More revenues from In App Purchase? Better interstitial ads use rate ?

Classic Retention

Average value of the classic retention rates in the time period selected.

Sessions length, span and frequency per day

Here you can see that BLU players (with personalization) have:
- longer sessions (visual on the left),
- shorter inter-session spans (visual in the middle)
- more sessions per day per player (visual on the right)

Sessions funnels

This is a more accurate measurement to see how much players play your game.  Here you can see that you have 35% more "personalized" players in session 10th than "Ref" players.

Monetization data

This dashboard allows you to check all your monetization metrics, each for "Blu" personalized players, and "Ref" not personalized players.

Stages funnels

Here you can see that you have 11% more "Personalized" players playing stage_7 than "Ref" players.

Stages Win Rates

For each stage, this panel show you what BLU and REF players are doing:
- the percentage of players who won / lost / quit the stage
- how they won/lost (from close to large)

Classic Retention (details)

Day1, Day3, Day7, Day15 and Day30 classic retention rates for the selected time period. (for instance, Day7 here includes only players that played on Day7)

Rolling Retention

Day1, Day3, Day7, Day15 and Day30 rolling retention rates for the selected time period. (for instance Day7 includes players that played on Day7 or after)