We are currently raising funds

To start, Happy Blue Fish has already closed a first round of 450 K€ in seed funding from BPI, Business Angels and a Corporate investor (SBT Human(s) Matter) in 2017 and 2018. This allowed us to design all the platform, the technology, the SDK, web portal, IA solutions, and get a full working prototype of, then improve the solution, features and algorithms to reach Alpha stage.

In June 2019, Happy Blue Fish has closed a second round of 400 K€ in seed funding from BPI and Business Angels (new and existing ones). This allowed us to start the “product-market fit” stage, and improve all the components (SDK, data pipeline, Machine Learning algorithms, web portal features, analytics...), and reach the BETA stage ready for live test & tuning.

We are in 2020 in the "Test&Tune" phase to improve our features, platform and algorithms based on real data coming from live games (publishers and studios can ask for some "usage credits" to try at no risks).

We are currently raising a "pre-sales" round of 500+ K€ to secure this "Test&Tune" phase (Business Angels and Family Offices) and prepare our global sales launch in 2021.