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Which games can benefit most from ? is currently working for games with stages (levels) that a player can WIN or LOSE (or giveup): casual Match3 genre for instance, hyper-casual games, puzzle games where you can tune the difficulty in each stage.

We are working on specific algorithms for:
- Match-Making in PVP games
- IDLE games (you never lose)
- ENDLESS runner games (you never really win, only push your high score)

You can benefit from
- in a new game, when you start getting players (early-access, soft-launch)
- in a live game, even if it has been published several month ago.

1 - Can your game easily benefit from ? Let's find out together!

We love to test games!  We can test some of your games (or a selection that you think would benefit the most from

Then we setup a VISIO call with you / your team (producer, game designer), to talk about the game difficulty, which parameters you use, at which development stage you are, and answer all your questions.

2 - Create your account, check the Demo Game and the Help Center

The DEMO GAME shows all the metrics and feedbacks you can get on a game.

The HELP CENTER contains the documentation in 2 main sections;
- for SDK documentation
- for FAQ to answer all the question from your team (CEO, CRO, Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Developer, Head of Analytics, etc).

The person creating the Studio/Publisher account is the owner.
He will be able to create more users on the platform, for instance:
- the developer, who will access to the help center and the SDK
- the game designer, who will check the AI-Dashboard to tune the stages
- the CMO/CRO who will check the funnels and retention rates

3 - Integrate the SDK in your game

You can access to the documentation and the SDK in the Help Center.

Check if the SDK is well integrated: use the DEBUG mode in the SDK to see directly in the web portal if the methods are well received.

We can setup a conf-call with the people involved using so we can point the key best practices!

You team is overbooked ? We can integrate the SDK in your game at no cost! (Unity projects)