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Which games can benefit most from ? is currently working for games with stages (levels) that a player can WIN or LOSE (or giveup): casual Match3 genre for instance, hyper-casual games, puzzle games where you can tune the difficulty in each stage.

We are working on specific algorithms for:
- Match-Making in PVP games
- IDLE games (you never lose)
- ENDLESS runner games (you never really win, only push your high score)

You can benefit from
- in a new game, when you start getting players (early-access, soft-launch)
- in a live game, even if it has been published several month ago.

1 - Can your game easily benefit from ? Let's find out together!

We love to test games!  We can test some of your games (or a selection that you think would benefit the most from

Then we setup a VISIO call with you / your team (producer, game designer), to talk about the game difficulty, which parameters you use, at which development stage you are, and answer all your questions.

2 - Create your account, check the Demo Game ,  the SDK documentation, and the FAQ

The DEMO GAME shows all the metrics and feedbacks you can get on a game.

The HELP CENTER contains the documentation in 2 main sections;
- for SDK documentation
- for FAQ to answer all the question from your team (CEO, CRO, Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Developer, Head of Analytics, etc).

The person creating the Studio/Publisher account is the owner.
He will be able to create more users on the platform, for instance:
- the developer, who will access to the help center and the SDK
- the game designer, who will check the AI-Dashboard to tune the stages
- the CMO/CRO who will check the funnels and retention rates

3 - Integrate the SDK in your game

You can access to the SDK documentation and download, and the FAQ from the HOME page after login.

Check if the SDK is well integrated: use the DEBUG mode in the SDK to see directly in the web portal if the methods are well received.



We can setup a conf-call with the people involved using so we can point the key best practices!

You team is overbooked ?
We can integrate the SDK in your game at no cost!
(Unity projects)