+2% Day7 retention can bring +30% more revenue!

Here is an interesting simulation of the impact of a +2% increase in Day7 retention in mobile games.

For each case, the hypothesis is:
- UA of 50K new players per day for 30 days.
- we suppose that Day60 retention is down to zero,
- we calculate the figures (DAU, revenue...) on 90 days.

Case 1 = Casual game, with a 1 € CPI and  a 0,30 € ARPDAU

REF: retention = 35% day1, 15% day7, 4% day28
=> Revenue - Cost of UA = 738 K€ (LTV = 1,49 €)

If you manage to increase Day7 by 2% (and Day28 by 1%):

HYP: retention = 35% day1,  17% day7,   5% day28
=> Revenue - Cost of UA = 952 K€ (LTV = 1,63 €)

That's 214 K€ more revenue (+29%)

Case 2 = Hyper-casual game, with a 0,20 € CPI and a 0,10 €  ARPDAU

REF: retention = 40% day1,   10% day7,   2% day28
=> Revenue - Cost of UA =  244 K€ (LTV = 0,36 €)

If you manage to increase Day7 by 2% (and Day28 by 1%):

HYP1: retention =  40% day1,  12% day7,   3% day28
=> Revenue - Cost of UA = 334 K€ (LTV = 0,42 €)

That's 90 K€ more revenue (+36%)


So spending time acquiring the right players is important, but in casual and hyper-casual games players are very diverse.

Using Machine Learning to better tune your game difficulty and providing real-time player personalization (thus increasing retention and LTV) can bring an important increase of revenue for a very low cost.

Here is the increase of revenue using askblu.ai:

Case 1 (casual game):  214 K€ more revenue, minus 8 K€ (cost of askblu.ai)
that's 206 K€ more cash for the studio ! (+28%).

Case 2 (hyper-causal game): 90 K€ more revenue, minus 6 K€ (cost of askblu.ai) that's 84 K€ more cash for the studio ! (+34%)


askblu.ai does not use the IDFA.

What is the IDFA (Apple Identifier for Advertisers)?

The IDFA (GAID on Android) helps mobile marketers attribute ad spending: knowing that a new player launching your Game_A comes from an Ad that he saw and activated in Game_B.

This allows Ad providers to track a user across different mobile games, owned by different companies.

Apple announced at the last GDC that starting with the release of iOS 14 in a few months, app and game developers will need to ask users for their permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies.

Why doesn't askblu.ai need to use the IDFA?

Every game has a specific way to be played, depending on the type of game, the content, etc. That's why in askblu.ai, each game’s data is "encapsulated" in a "silo":
- each game has its own Machine Learning model.
- no data from playing Game_A is at any time used for Game_B, directly or indirectly (after processing).
- no data related to one game is shared with any other game on the platform.

It is in the core design of askblu.ai not to track players across games, from the same publishers or different publishers. That's why we decided from the beginning to not use the IDFA on iOS and the GAID on Android, but random keys:
- a random key is generated when a new player starts a game.
- the same player starting another game will generate another random key (so we do not know that is it the same player).

Which data does the askblu.ai SDK collect, for what usage?

Game developers will soon be required by Apple to provide information about what data the third-party SDKs collect, how it may be used and whether the data is used to track users.

The askblu.ai SDK collects only gameplay information:
- the sessions data (times and lengths of sessions)
- the starting of a “stage” ("level")
- the ending of a stage, and how it ended (lose, win, quit...).

No personal data whatsoever is collected by the askblu.ai SDK:
- no data about the gender, age, etc
- no data about the player’s location
- no data about what the player is doing in other apps or games.

The data collected is used to:
-  feed a Machine Learning model (one per game),
- predict the risk of churn because of frustration or boredom.
- display metrics and funnels (analytics)

This prediction is only used by the game itself (make difficulty easier or harder) and does not trigger any outside solution (push notifications, etc).


If you need more information about our SDK, the data we collect and how we use it, feel free to setup a visio call.

2019 has been a great year, looking forward to the next decade !

Key moments in 2019 for our team

Thanks to our great team, to our shareholders, and to our first beta testers, we had a wonderful 2019 year at Happy Blue Fish, working on our new platform askblu.ai. Here are some great moments that we would like to share with you.

February > Great evening organized in Paris by Oh Bibi. The Pro Evolution Society is a free club aiming at uniting the best minds in gaming and making game development a positive platform for change. #proevolutionsociety

March > askblu.ai is based on AWS serverless solutions. We met our AWS support team in Paris at the  @awssummits 2019. We will be there again in March 2020!

May > @ADDON_EVENT is a 2 days game dev gathering in Rennes, organized by the Atlangames cluster. Here with SNJV boss Julien Villedieu @Julv_SNJV and some local studios & publishers representatives.

June > Business Angels are the true "seed" investors, taking risks by funding startups months before they will bring the first euro of sales. Thanks to existing and new Business Angels, we closed another round of 400 K€ to fuel our free beta phase, and put 100% of our team on askblu.ai.

September > With Franck Boulland, we attended the best startup gathering in Europe: #FFDAY France Digital Day. We startups and VCs meet and talk in beautiful Paris.

September >  Jean-Robin and Javier from @AmazonGameTech came to work with us in Rennes on the askblu.ai infrastructure. Thanks a lot guys, you gave us great advice... and you came with croissants !

October > We had a nice booth at the @gameconnection Europe in Paris, the first official askblu.ai appearance at a video game B2B trade show. We had the opportunity to meet many mobile game publishers and studios interested by what we have to offer to help them improve their player's retention.

December > we attended the Digital Tech in Rennes, with very inspiring speakers. Artificial Intelligence demystified!  #digitalTC

December > while attending the Digital Tech, I received the best email: askblu.ai has been selected with 5 other companies as finalist to the BEST INNOVATION award at the next @MobileGameAward during Pocket Gamers Connect  in London.  That was a thrill, can't wait to be in January 2020 in London! @PocketGamer

December > As you know, in France we like good food, so we celebrated this great 2019 year sharing a meal...  Left to right: Matthieu (AI & Data Wiz), Winheros (SDK Wiz), Alexia (Media Wiz), Jonathan (AWS Wiz), Franck (Money Wiz) Dominique (everything else Wiz).

Best wishes to all our partners, investors and beta testers, thanks for you continuous support!