We are in PAID BETA until June 30th, 2020:  50% OFF the regular pricing

We want you to test at NO COST: contact us to check if you can benefit from our VIP BETA program and get up to 30 K€ of Usage Credit during the Paid Beta phase.


Get simple yet comprehensive analytics with funnels

Just integrate our SDK (a few hours of work) and, with no other web portal setup, you get:
- Basic Metrics (new users, DAU/WAU/MAU, daily sessions, D1/D3/D7/D15/D30 retention rates)
- Sessions Funnel (percentage of players having played x sessions)
- Stages Funnel (percentage of players having started stage x)
- Stages Results (for each stage, percentage of wins/loses/quits)

SIGN UP in the top menu


Monthly billing, per game:

  • 1 euro (wt) per 1000 P_DAU (players who benefit from personalization¹), with a minimum of 300 euros (wt)
  • You can use only the Data-Driven Difficulty Analysis (no Player Personalization) for the fixed monthly fee of 300 euros (wt)
  • You will not be billed while you are integrating the SDK, and during the AI learning time

Activate in the web portal from the Free Plan

You control your budget: you decide the percentage of your players going through real-Time Player Personalization (Blu Players)
You only pay for the players being personalized: the monthly charge will be based on the P_DAU (Personalized DAU = Blu Players actually being personalized, ie after the exploration & learning process).