Get 3 months of free beta access to test how improves your player retention!

Integrate the SDK in your game before the end of November ¹, and get 3 months of free beta access (till end of February 2020) that’s an extra 2 months ² to see how improves player retention in your game ³ !


Simple yet comprehensive analytics with funnels

Just integrate our SDK (a few hours of work), and with no other web portal setup, you get:
- Basic Metrics (new users, DAU/MAU, daily sessions, D1/D3/D7/D15/D30 retention rates)
- Sessions Funnel (percentage of players having played x sessions)
- Stages Funnel (percentage of players having started stage x)
- Stages Results (for each stage, percentage of wins/loses/quits)

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FREE PLAN + Simplify and optimize your stage difficulty tuning

Nothing more to install or setup, you get the FREE PLAN plus:
- Data Driven Difficulty Analysis
=> save workload, launch time, improve player retention)

For games in early-access, so-launch or for live updates.
1000 DAU minimum recommended.

PRICING:   FREE BETA until December 31st, 2019, then fixed monthly subscription.

Upgrade in the web portal from the Free Plan


TUNING PLAN + Break the retention ceiling and increase your revenue

Nothing more to install or setup, you get the TUNING PLAN plus:
- Real-Time Player Personalization (increase retention and revenues)

For live games.
5000 DAU minimum recommended.

PRICING:   FREE BETA until February 29th, 2020, then monthly charge per DAU⁴, billed monthly.

Upgrade in the web portal from the Tuning Plan

¹ To benefit from this “3 months” offer, your game has to be in Soft-Launch or live on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store before the end of November. The SDK is easy to setup (only takes a couple of hours).

² This free beta access concerns the ACTIVE PLAN: Stage Difficulty Tuning (phase 1) and real-time Player Personalization (Phase 2). Depending of the DAU of your game, our team will select with you the percentage of “active” players (players going through personalization), the remaining being “passive” players (no personalization).

³ Once the SDK is live in your game, you get all the metrics and funnels in the Web Portal with no extra setup. All these metrics and funnels are A/B (compare “active” players and “passive” players).

You keep total control of your budget: you decide the percentage of your DAU going through Personalization Algorithm (BluActive Players), and the monthly charge will be based on the BluActive Players.