Player Personalization


Real-Time Player Personalization

Break the retention ceiling and increase your revenue



Keep more players in their flow zone

Now theĀ  difficulty tuning of a stage is optimum for your global audience. But if you deliver the same tuning to all players, you still lose some to frustration and others to boredom. This is known as the "retention ceiling", and this is where produces all its magic!

For each player starting a well balanced stage, tells your game in real-time whether the difficulty should be the default one, or easier or harder for this player. Therefore each player is less frustrated or bored and stays longer in your game, which improves your overall retention and monetization.

Compare the results with and without

All metrics show the data for Blu_Players (players going through and for Ref_Players (players without tuning). This allows you to have a precise measure of how improves your player retention.

For each game, you can set the Blu_Players ratio, so you control the population you use to test, and then you control your budget.

Use it during full launch and game scaling.