Data-Driven Difficulty Analysis

Simplify and optimize your stage difficulty tuning



Stop tuning blindfolded!

3 benefits: reduce your staff costs,
launch faster,  improve player retention!

Optimize your difficulty tuning based on your real players

For each stage, askblu.ai indicates in the web-portal if your stage's "default" difficulty tuning is optimum for your global audience, if it should be easier or harder. It indicates also if your "easier" and "harder" values are too far, too close, or optimum for your overall audience (usefull for Player Personalization).

You can update your game via a new AppStore upload, or via new data in a server. You can indicate to askblu.ai which stages have been changed so the learning restarts only for those stages.

Once some stages are tuned (easier/default/harder values are green), you can activate the Player Personalization feature, and you can keep tuning later stages while the first stages are personalized.

Use it during early-access, soft-launch, and for live game updates.


Real-Time Player Personalization

Break the retention ceiling and increase your revenue



Stop losing players that could stay in your game!

Benefit: increase player retention, thus increase your revenue!

Keep more players in their flow zone

While the  difficulty tuning of a stage is right for your global audience, you lose players because some prefer easier, others prefer harder. This is known as the "retention ceiling", and this is where askblu.ai produce all its magic!

For each player starting a well balanced stage, askblu.ai tells your game in real-time whether the difficulty should be the default one, or easier or harder for this player. Therefore each player is be less frustrated or bored and stays longer in your game, which improve your retention.

For each player starting an unbalanced stages (phase 1), askblu.ai  tells your game in real-time to use the easier or harder tuning to reduce the unbalancing.  This improves the retention until you change the default difficulty of these stages and update the game.

While your game is live!.

See all the improvements

All metrics are displayed in A/B mode

Compare the results with and without askblu.ai

All metrics show the data for Blu_Players (players going through askblu.ai) and for Ref_Players (players without askblu.ai tuning). This allows you to have a precise measure of how askblu.ai improves your player retention.

For each game, you can set the Blu_Players ratio, so you control the population you use to test askblu.ai, and then you control your budget.

All the analytics you need

No web portal setup needed!

Bonus: Understand how players progress in your game

Once our SDK is integrated in your game, you get all these important retention metrics (no setup needed on the web portal):
Sessions funnel (% of player playing session x),
Stages funnel (% of players starting stage x),
Stages results (% of players who win/lose/quit stage X)
Onboarding quality ratio (how many players who launch your game started at least one stage),
- Standard metrics (new users, DAU/MAU, daily sessions, and D1, D3, D7, D15 and D30 retention rates).

This is available for all mobile studios, at any time, for free.