Difficulty Analysis

Data-Driven Difficulty Analysis

Simplify and optimize your stage difficulty tuning



Optimize the difficulty of each stage for your overall audience of real players

Testing the difficulty of all the stages in a game can be very time consuming. You rely on feedback from your team, some testers… are they representative of your real players? And is your tuning optimum for your overall audience?

Our data-driven analysis uses statistical tools (like Gaussian Regression) to check, for each stage, if the "default" difficulty is optimum for your overall audience of players.

Stop tuning blindfolded!
See exactly what to do and where!

For each stage, askblu.ai indicates in the web-portal if your stage's "default" difficulty tuning is optimum for your global audience, if it should be easier or harder. It also indicates if your "easier" and "harder" values need to increase or decrease, or are optimum for your overall audience (important for Player Personalization).

Once some stages are tuned (easier/default/harder values are green), you can activate the Player Personalization feature, and you can keep tuning later stages while the first stages are personalized.

If some stages need tuning, you modify your game, then you update it via a new AppStore upload, or via new data in a server. You indicate to askblu.ai which stages have been changed so the learning restarts only for those stages.

Use it during early-access, soft-launch, and for live game updates.