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Welcome to the platform change-log. Here you will get the latest information about the main changes, updates and new features that out team is working hard to improve Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter!

Version 1.3 > DECEMBER 5th, 2019

Lots of small changes and improvements based on feedback given by the publishers and studios testing

"Direct test" Mode

When you work on the easier/default/harder values for your game stages,  you might want to test how it "feel" to play the stages in easier or harder difficulty. Using the "Direct Test" mode, you can "force" to always answer one specific value for all players. This will only work in a "development" version of the game: the LIVE version cannot be affected by this "Direct Test" mode.

Version 1.2 > NOVEMBER 5th, 2019

AWS infrastructure improvements to secure better response time with the games, better scalability of the overall platform and the Machine Learning processes.

Version 1.1 > SEPTEMBER 15th, 2019

Developer feedback on web portal

The Stage Results page shows, for each stage, the percentage of wins/loses/quits, and also how players win or lose (close, large...). The AI-Dashboard indicates when these values are not optimum for the quality of the machine learning and predictions.

Tuning and optimizations

Lots of "under the hood" tuning and optimizations on our AWS architecture and our machine learning models and algorithms.

Version 1.0 > AUGUST 1st, 2019

Online updates

App Store updates are already automatically managed by : when a new game version is detected, restarts the learning for all the stages that you marked as "updated" (difficulty level changed).

When you are doing "Online updates",  using a server to store difficulty tuning values so that you can change these values without resubmitting the game on the store, you need to inform

To do so, there is a new "Online Update" button in the AI Dashboard so you can indicates to that you performs such an update (after marking the impacted stages on the AI Dashboard page, so restarts the learning only for those stages).

Version 0.9 > JULY 22th, 2019

Team members

As the "owner" of the account, you can now invite some colleagues as "Managers" on your account :  analytics manager, game designer, developer for the SDK integration...

If you have several games on, you can restrict each manager access to 1 or several games. Therefore, if you are a publisher you can setup in several games from different studios, then invite studio members and restrict their access to their own games only.

Pain points

If indicates that stage X is too difficult for your overall player audience (phase 1), but you want to keep stage X like that and you won't change its difficulty tuning, just mark ii in the AI Dashboard page, and will consider it as "ok" so player personalization can be activated (easier or harder around your "difficult" default value).

Version 0.8 > MAY 19th, 2019

First BETA release

First version with all the core features:

- basic metrics page (new users, DAU/WAU/MAU, sessions, D1, D3, D7, D15 and D30 retention rates

- sessions funnels page, stages funnels page, stages results page, all with 2 columns: for "active" players (going through, and for "passive" players (not going through

- AI Dashboard page, with all played stages, and for each stage, global tuning feedbacks (phase 1), and player personalization activated is stage tuning ok (phase 2).

- iOS and Android SDK, in native and Unity versions.