As a mobile game studio,
you know that player retention
is key to your financial success,
and that game balancing
is key to good player retention.

Game balancing is complicated and tedious, you need data competencies, time, and analytic tools are complicated to setup.

And when you reach a good balancing, retention hits a ceiling: mobile players are so diverse, one size does not fit all!

To improve player retention, you need:
simple but meaningful analytics,
automated game balancing,
and real-time player personalization.



A new "plug&play" AIaaS solution
to improve Player Retention in Mobile Games

Step 1 - Simplify and Optimize your Game Balancing

Auto-tune each stage for your global audience

Great for Soft-launches and updates!



Get the key retention metrics on one page

New users, DAU/WAU/MAU, Daily sessions, d1/d3/d7/d15/d30 retention.

Detect drops in player's progress

Onboarding quality ratio, Sessions Funnel, Stages Funnel, and  Stages Results automatically populated with no portal setup.

Use feedbacks to balance your game

For each stage, detects unbalanced difficulty levels for your global audience. While you modify your level tuning before the next release, corrects the unbalanced levels in real-time in your game.

Step 2 - Break the Retention Ceiling
with Real-Time Player Personalization

Make more money with your games!

All this available with one simple SDK
and no other setups !


We think that
Every Player Counts

Our ambition:
become your One-Stop Shop to
increase your player retention
using Data Science and Machine Learning

Integrate our SDK in just a few hours

Our  SDK is light and contains just a few lines of code to integrate, whatever your game type.

Reliable and Scalable SaaS platform is a SaaS solution fully based on AWS technology (Amazon).

Benefit from AI with no upfront investment!

No upfront investment or setup fees, no specialist to hire, no infrastructure to buy and maintain.

Which games can benefit the best
from ?

The current version of is well suited for games with several stages.
These stages can be linear or accessible in any order.
Support for "endless-stage" game is also supported.
With only one "difficulty-tuning" parameters for your stages you can very easily use AI features.

Ready for Closed-Beta

We are looking for mobile game studios interested by our PILOT Program.
If you are selected, you will have a FREE early access to,
and you will help us shape this new innovative solution.

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