As a mobile game studio,
you know that player retention
is key to your financial success,
and that difficulty balancing
is key to good player retention.

Game difficulty tuning is tedious:
you need data competencies, time,
and analytic tools are complicated to setup.

Also once you reach a good balance,
retention hits a ceiling:
mobile players are very diverse,
one size does not fit all!


AI-SaaS difficulty balancing solution
to improve player retention in mobile games

To increase your player retention,  we provide:
simple but meaningful analytics,
automated stage difficulty balancing,
real-time player personalization.


All of this available with one simple SDK
and no other setups !

We think that
Every Player Counts®

Our mission:
allow every game publisher and studio
to benefit from AI and Data Science
with no upfront investment.

Integrate our SDK in just a few hours

Our  SDK is light and contains just a few lines of code to integrate, whatever your game type. We use anonymous data, is fully RGDP compliant.

Reliable and scalable SaaS platform is a SaaS solution fully based on AWS technology (Amazon) so it's fast, reliable and scalable to fit your own burst of sessions.

Benefit from AI with no upfront investment!

No upfront investment or setup fees, no specialist to hire, no infrastructure to buy and maintain.

Which games can benefit the best
from ?

The current version of is well suited for stages based games.
These stages can be sequential or accessible in any order. is especially well-suited for Hypercasual games, and very effective for all casual games, with a large player audience.

Support for "Endless" and "Idle" games is under way. - Every Player Counts

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