As a mobile game studio,
you know that player retention
is key to your financial success,
and that difficulty balancing
is key to good player retention.

Too difficult ? A frustrated player will churn
Too easy ? A bored player will churn

Game difficulty tuning is tedious:
analytic tools are complicated to setup,
and it takes a lot of time for tests and retries
of the different difficulty values.

You tune blindfolded: how can you be sure
that the difficulty of each stage is optimum
for your overall audience ?

And once you reach a good balance,
retention hits a ceiling:
mobile players are very diverse,
one size does not fit all!

That's especially impacting with casual and hyper-casual mobile games.


AI-SaaS difficulty balancing solution
to improve player retention in mobile games

Phase 1
Data-Driven Stage Auto-Tuning
For each stage, tells you
if your difficulty tuning is optimum
for your overall audience,
or if it should be easier or harder. simplifies and optimizes your soft-launches and updates.

Phase 2
Real Time Player Personalization
For each player, tells your game
if the next stage should be easier, harder,
or keep your default difficulty tuning.

Increase your revenues while your game is live.

All of this available with one simple SDK
and no other setups !

We think that
Every Player Counts®

Our mission:
every mobile game publisher and studio
can benefit from AI and Data Science today
with no upfront investment.

Easy to integrate SDK, no web portal tedious setup

Our  SDK is light and contains just a few lines of code to integrate, whatever your game type. We use anonymous data, is fully RGDP compliant.

Real-time and automated solution, no extra work checks the tuning of each stage during the soft-launch, and performs player personalization while you game is live: no extra a posteriori work.

Benefit from AI with no upfront investment!

Full SaaS solution with no upfront investment and setup fees, no specialist to hire, no infrastructure to buy and maintain.

Increase your revenues while reducing your costs

You current team will tune each stage faster and more accurately, your soft-launch time will reduce, and your live games will bring more revenues.

Which games can benefit the best
from ?

The current version of is well suited for stages based games.
These stages can be sequential or accessible in any order. is especially well-suited for Hypercasual games, and very effective for all casual games, with a large player audience.

Support for "Endless" and "Idle" games is under way. - Every Player Counts

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